Sydney Dash Cams

You want dash cameras to protect you while driving, but what about when you park your car? Read on if you want a simple explanation on how parking mode can protect your car

Sydney Dash Cams

Dash cameras are designed to record when you are driving your car, capturing everything in front and behind if you get a 2 channel system, or just the front or back if you get a 1 channel system. In the simplest terms parking mode is CCTV for your car that captures the same footage when you are not driving your car. This can help you to catch intentional or unintentional damage caused to your car when it is parked. It can even allow you to provide assistance with clarification on events that may have happened near your car.

How does parking mode work?

Normally parking mode is automatically activated when you turn your car off, it uses internal sensors for different recording reactions to occur:

  • Motion sensitive recording; detects someone/something near your car
  • Impact sensitive recording; detects contact with your car

Parking mode is designed this way so that when you are away from your car, only targeted footage is recorded, this means less footage is created/overwritten which is important for SD card health, and also means lower power consumption as the dash camera(s) are effectively in a hibernation state when not in use.

Some dash cameras, like the BlackVue DR750S, allow continuous recording when your car is parked, giving you total surveillance when you are away from your car, but this is at the cost of higher footage creation/overwrites, and higher power consumption.

There is also what is known as the time lapse parking mode, featured in the THINKWARE F800 Pro, which takes a series of photos and compiles them into a video, created as an alternative to motion and impact sensitive recording for cars in busy areas like a main street.

Do all dash cameras have parking mode?

No, but it is becoming more common, that said it is important you check if the feature is supported on the dash camera(s) you are interested in, and what is required to power them when your car is parked.

What are the power methods?

When your car is running the dash cameras get power from the car, when the car is parked there are two options:

  • Hardwire kit: connects dash cameras to run off the car battery and shut off at a certain voltage to prevent flattening your car battery
  • Battery pack: Separate battery that is charged when you drive, providing power when parked

We prefer, and include with all our quotes, a hardwire kit, the reasoning is simple, car batteries are larger than any battery pack option, and are designed to stop and start regularly and therefore provide a more reliable power source. Additionally, battery packs add more cost to the price of dash cameras when compared to using a hardwire kit.

How long will parking mode record for?

How long is a piece of string comes to mind, many factors will affect this:

  • Size and health of your car battery or battery pack
  • Voltage cutoff point if hardwired to car battery
  • Busy areas mean more motion detection recording, using the power more quickly
  • Recording settings

So, do you need parking mode?

If you are having dash cameras installed, it makes sense to make use of the parking mode feature, as stated above we include a hardwire kit with all our quotes because parking mode could help you catch the dishonest person who bangs your car with a shopping trolley, dissuade a would be thief, or catch the vandal who keyed your car!

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