Reverse Camera Installation Sydney

Reversing your car can be a difficult exercise, inconvenient and frustrating as you struggle to navigate into a narrow parking space or an annoying driveway, but also dangerous when you are in busy areas where for instance kids are running around as they do, and there is not always someone around to assist and the rear view mirrors only give you part of the picture of what is behind your car. It can be made easier with a reversing camera and rear parking sensors, but which is better? Or if the budget allows is there a good argument for both?

Should I get a reversing camera?

A reversing camera will provide a visual image of what is behind your car, greatly diminishing the blind spot behind your car. A car reverse camera will automatically turn on when your car is put into reverse, the camera itself is typically mounted near the number plate, for tradies with utes and trucks heavy duty options for jobsite demands can be mounted on aluminium ute trays/steel flat beds, the exact placement will differ by vehicle but we have included some examples below of past reverse camera installations we have done to give you an idea how a reverse camera looks once installed.

Reverse camera SydneyReversing Camera SydneyRear cam installation Sydney

In some instances the reversing camera can be integrated with your existing factory car radio screen, the most budget friendly option that has the best universal compatibility with most cars is a reverse mirror camera, or in most instances you can replace your factory car radio with an aftermarket head unit so that you not only get a reverse camera, but Bluetooth, touch screen functionality, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and other features as well, otherwise dash mounted screens can be used as well. No matter which way you add a reverse camera to your car, it will allow you to see the what is behind you much easier when reversing.

Should I get a reverse parking sensors?

Parking sensors have an audible warning, beeping which will get faster and faster to indicate that the distance from an object behind your car is getting smaller, they can also have an LED display which will provide distance measurements on the passenger and drivers side for enhanced assistance. Parking sensors generally have a wider detection area than a reverse cameras field of view thanks to the multiple sensors. Reverse parking sensors will automatically turn on when your car is in reverse, the parking sensors are retrofitted to the bumper with a factory finish and colour matching where required, again for tradies with utes and trucks heavy duty rubber options can be mounted on aluminium ute trays/steel flat beds, placement of the parking sensors will be different by vehicle, below we have included examples of past parking sensor installations we have done in the past.

Parking Sensors SydneyRear parking sensors SydneyRear parking sensors Sydney

Aftermarket reverse parking sensors cannot be integrated with your factory car radio unfortunately, but as they automatically turn on when your car is put into reverse and have a factory like finish, they will work in perfect harmony with your car as if they were a genuine part, giving you a better picture of what is behind you when reversing.

What are the benefits off adding a reversing camera and/or reverse parking sensors?

  • It is safer, eliminating the blind spot behind your car with a visual image of what is actually behind you and/or audio cues plus distance guidance of any objects gives you a much clearer idea of what is behind you and how to navigate best, helping to avoid any accidents
  • It will save you money, parking assist systems like reverse parking sensors and a rear camera will result in less accidents damaging your car and other peoples property
  • It will make parking easier, you will be able to judge the space around your car more accurately, taking the pressure out of the situation
  • Whilst we do not recommend not using your rear view mirrors when backing up, car reversing aids like a reverse camera and parking sensors can be a physical relief if turning your body/head is an issue
  • Future proof your car by adding modern features

Should I get both a reversing camera and reverse parking sensors?

This all depends on your preference and budget, most people prefer a reversing camera as it provides an image of exactly what is behind you, but it is the more expensive option. As the more cost effective solution reversing sensors do not provide a visual image of what is behind you but they do offer additional information that make using your rear view mirrors that much easier. Separately each option is helpful, but together it is our suggestion that the combination of a reversing camera and rear parking sensors provides the ultimate package as you get both an actual visual picture of what is behind you, plus an indication of the distance of any objects that are behind you, not forgetting that you also have your rear view mirrors, which we believe provides the ultimate car reversing solution as it almost eliminates all doubt as to what is behind you and how to navigate without causing an accident.

In any case, adding only either just a reversing camera or rear parking sensors will still be an improvement to help you with reversing your car. If you want more information on our parking assist systems please contact one of our team on 1300 533 922, or you can check out our parking sensors range here and our reverse camera range here, we provide mobile professional parking sensors and reverse camera installation Sydney wide, get in touch today!

Written by Mark Tourni