Mobile Auto Electrician Sydney

Did you just search for an auto electrician near me? With our totally mobile auto electrical service you do not need to take your car into a workshop, we come to you anywhere in Sydney!

Why choose a Mobile Auto Electrician

The main benefit of a mobile auto electrician is that it is a lot more convenient than taking your car into a workshop, with a mobile auto electrician the workshop comes to you. Picture yourself trying organise dropping your car off to a workshop in the Sydney traffic, once that is done now you do not have your car, you need to arrange alternate transport for the rest of the day and on pick up, or even worse your waiting around at the workshop until your car is ready. When you choose a mobile auto electrician in Sydney, you do not have to worry about any of these issues. In addition to avoiding the inconveniences of taking your car to a workshop a mobile auto electrician can book around your schedule, for instance working on your car at home on your day off so you can enjoy the comforts of home until your car is ready, or coming to your workplace to work on your car while you work for maximum productivity.


What if you have two or more cars? A fleet of vehicles? A mobile auto electrician can attend to all your vehicles together at the same time in the same place, making it a whole lot easier to organise all the vehicles you need auto accessories for. You will also find that in the event there is an issue with your auto accessories, a mobile auto electrician will come to you to rectify the issue, reducing the stress of the issue at hand, imagine having to take your car into the workshop on top of all that? With a mobile auto electrician you will not have to.


As you may have realised, using a mobile auto electrician is quite convenient, when looking for a mobile auto electrician it is advisable to check their review history, how up to date their website is, browse their portfolio to check the quality of their work, and when sourcing quotes take note of response time, all this information should be easy to find and help you pick the best mobile auto electrician for the job. Ultimately when it comes to adding auto accessories to your car, there is no better option than a mobile auto electrician.

Check out our most popular auto accessories

Dash Cams  |  Car Stereos  |  Car GPS systems

Reverse cameras  |  Car Audio  |  Electric Brake Controller

Anderson Plug  |  12 Pin Trailer Plug   Breakaway Battery Monitor

Reversing Sensors  |  Front Parking Sensors   Blind Spot Monitor

Car DVD Players   Car Phone Holders   Hands Free Car Kit

Emergency Vehicle Lights   LED Light Bars   LED Driving Lights

UHF Radios  |  Car Alarms  |  Central Locking System

Cruise Control   Reverse Squawkers  |  Dual Battery System

We can also professionally install your own auto accessories

How to make a booking

You can browse our auto accessories, add the ones you are interested in to your quote request and we will reply via email, alternatively you can leave an online message, or if you prefer chatting you can call us on 1300 533 922 and get a quote that way to!

Our Payment Options

On the day of installation we offer the following payment options:

  • Cash
  • EFT (direct debit / bank transfer / Pay ID)
  • Secure online BPAY; via MYOB online invoice payments
  • Secure online Credit/Debit Visa/MasterCard/AMEX payments (1.8% surcharge); via MYOB online invoice payments
  • PayPal and PayPal Pay in 4 (1.8% surcharge); via MYOB online invoice payments
  • Google Pay (1.8% surcharge); via MYOB online invoice payments
  • Onsite Square EFTPOS: Credit/Debit Visa/MasterCard/AMEX and Apple Pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay (1.9% surcharge)
  • Laybuy powered payments

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Written by Mark Tourni