• Parking Sensors
  • Parking Sensors

Easily detect obstacles at the front of your car using sound and distance indications* from a parking sensor system. Make parking safer and easier with our professionally installed reverse parking sensors!

We provide mobile professional front and rear parking sensors installation Sydney wide, all quotes include professionally painting of the parking sensors to match the colour of your car if required

* Most of our customers opt to have the LED display hidden

Key Features: 
  • Detection range of up to 1 meter

  • Four sensor system

  • Switch is installed to allow manual control of front parking sensors

  • Professional installation of sensors, switch, and display* have a factory finish

  • Sensors are waterproof

  • Sensors are professionally painted to match the colour of your car; unless rubber front parking sensors are required as the best solution for your car, which are typically used with cars that have bull/nudge bars, and cannot be painted.

  • Two options:

    1. Vehicle speed sensing: sensors turn on automatically at a set speed; a switch is still installed in order to allow you to turn the front parking sensors on and off. *Not all cars are suited for this method
    2. Switch operated, control of front parking sensors must be enabled and disabled as necessary *Leaving the front parking sensors switched on whilst driving can cause false alarms
  • 3 year warranty

*Most of our customers opt to have the LED display hidden

Why is an on/off switch included?

We include a manual switch so that in instances like a traffic jam you can turn the front parking sensors off to prevent false alarms

Do the front parking sensors include a display?

Yes, although most customers opt to have this hidden we can install it visibly, whichever you prefer. On the day of installation if you have a preferred spot we can advise if that is possible and work with you regarding placement of the display

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Ram Trucks
Ram 1500
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Mercedes Benz
X Class
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HiLux Front Parking Sensors
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Daily 50C Front Parking Sensors
Daily 50C

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