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Looking for a simple dash camera solution? The THINKWARE F200 dash cameras offer 1080p recording in the front, and 720p recording in the rear. In addition to this you can opt for an external and waterproof rear dash camera if necessary, or an internal recording dash camera for driver and passenger safety if required, with the THINKWARE F200 dash cams you will have your car security covered no matter what car you drive

We are an authorised THINKWARE dash cam dealer, providing mobile professional dash cam installation Sydney wide, we come to you with our mobile service. All dash cam quotes include a 32GB SD card and THINKWARE hardwire kit for parking mode!

THINKWARE Dash Cams Sydney

Key Features: 
  • FHD 1080p front dash camera / HD 720p rear dash camera @ 30FPS
    *also available as one channel dash cam option
  • Sony Exmor R STARVIS image sensors
  • 140° wide angle front dash camera / 135° angle rear dash camera
  • 3 axis G-Sensor; measuring gravity, speed and rotation
  • Driving recording modes: 
    - Continuous; 1 minute auto-looping video segments, activated automatically when the car starts 
    - Event; 10 seconds before and after a collision occurs, saving a 20 second video in an easy to find event detection folder 
    - Manual; physical activation of recording, 1 minute video segment saved in manual recording folder
  • Energy saving parking mode; sleep mode impact and motion detectable recording, what is parking mode?
  • Dual save technology; saves footage to both SD card and internal memory in the event of a severe collision to help safeguard recording footage
  • THINKWARE Dash Cam app; Apple and Android supported
  • Built in Wi-Fi adapter
  • Safety camera alerts; for red light cameras, fixed speed cameras, average speed camera zones, and mobile speed camera zones
  • THINKWARE Dash Cam viewer software (PC and MAC supported))
  • Automatic video enhancement modes: Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Night time picture quality correction and Automatic exposure
  • LED security and status recording lights (can be disabled)
  • Internal speaker (can be disabled)
  • Internal microphone for audio recording
  • Format Free 2.0 Technology, eliminates the need for manual reformatting which extends SD card life and reliability
  • Super Capacitor for backup power to ensure safe storage of any recording in progress should power be disconnected during an accident
  • High temperature protection system
  • Comes with 32GB SD card; can support up to 128GB SD Cardwhat SD card size do I need?
  • Meets legal requirements: Does not require manual operation whilst driving, and placement will not obscure the driver's view of the road
  • Professional hardwire installation for parking mode includes a THINKWARE hardwire cable, no messy wires!
  • 2 years warranty; 1 year warranty on SD card

Optional extras:

  • 64GB Micro SD card
  • 128GB Micro SD card
  • External rear dash camera; THINKWARE F100WP - Waterproof IP67/8 Infrared LED lights/720p
  • Infrared THINKWARE F100IR for internal recording of driver and passengers - Uber, Taxi and Ridesharing drivers
  • GPS antenna, to record vehicles location and speed
  • CELLINK NEO battery pack
  • THINKWARE iVolt Mini External Battery

Where can I download the THINKWARE Dash Cam app for Apple?

Where can I download the THINKWARE Dash Cam app for Android?

Where can I download the THINKWARE Dash Cam viewer software?

Please click here, select the 'F Series', then select the 'F200', now you can scroll down and download the THINKWARE Dash Cam viewer software for your MAC or PC

Where can I download safety camera updates?

Please click here, select the 'F Series', then select the 'F200', now you can scroll down and download 'Speed Cam Data'

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