Don't put up with dull factory speakers, spice up your next drive and play your music loud and clear with new speakers in your car. Professional car audio installations anywhere in Sydney

Kenwood 6x9 Speakers

Kenwood 6x9 Speakers

Add some doof doof to your car! 6x9’s are an easy way to add rich and crisp sound with deep and powerful bass to any car, professionally installed, it really is the easiest way to supercharge your car audio and enhance your listening pleasure, your ears will thank you! Mobile car audio installation Sydney wide

Kenwood 6.5" Speakers

Kenwood 6.5" speakers

Sometimes your only driving partner is music, it’s all you need to spice up the drive, so why put up with dull factory speakers? Play your music with the clarity, balance and depth it deserves, give your car some doof doof! Mobile car audio installation Sydney wide