Turf out your boring car radio and replace it with a car infotainment and GPS navigation system, professionally installed anywhere in Sydney

Blaupunkt Kimberley 941 Infotainment Sat Nav

Blaupunkt Kimberley 941

Whether you prefer built in GPS navigation or using your Waze app, the Blaupunkt Kimberley 941 does both, so no matter how you choose to get there, using the sublime touch screen and Android Jellybean operating system you can enjoy easily control Bluetooth calling and music streaming, Wi-Fi connectivity, radio, Spotify, mirror your Smartphone, or even listen to CDs if that is still your thing, making your next journey from A to B an uncomplicated and pleasurable one 

Kenwood DNX5180S Sat Nav

Kenwood DNX5180S Car Navigation System
Kenwood Car Navigation System
Kenwood Apple CarPlay DNX5180S
Kenwood Android Auto DNX5180S
Kenwood Kenwood Car Navigation System
Kenwood Garmin Car Navigation System
Kenwood Waze Navigation App

Jenn McKinlay tells us 'Road trips require a couple of things: a well balanced diet of caffeine, salt and sugar and an excellent selection of tunes—oh, and directions'... that is where the Kenwood DNX5180S infotainment car navigation system comes in, with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Waze app, and built in Garmin powered GPS navigation, it is the perfect companion for your next road trip