• Car Fire Extinguisher 4.5KG

Workplace safety is no joke, keep you and your workmates safe with a 4.5KG fire extinguisher being within reach when you need it!

Key Features: 
  • 4.5KG dry powder fire extinguisher
  • Extinguisher rating 4A:80B:E
  • Certified to AS/NZS 1841.5 portable powder type fire extinguisher safety standards; certified by Global Mark
  • Includes AS 1851 metal maintenance record service tag
  • Mine spec 
  • Steel cylinder
  • Metal handles
  • Safety pin and seal
  • Pressure gauge 
  • Includes rubber hose and nozzle
  • Heavy duty stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Various mounting options, all professionally installed
  • 5 years warranty
HiLux Fire Extinguisher
LandCruiser 79 Fire Extinguisher

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