Radar Blind Spot Detection System

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Even though you have checked your mirrors and had quick look over your shoulder to make sure, you may still miss something in your blind spot while driving, but if you had our radar blind spot sensors you would get both visual and audible warning queues to tell you that there is something in your blind spot, helping you to avoid a tricky situation and stay safer on the road

Key Features: 
  • Two radar sensors, discretely installed behind the bumper*
  • Two easy to see left and right LED light domes which illuminate to indicate the detection of obstacles
  • Loud and clear beeper/buzzer; depending on your car the beeper/buzzer is completely hidden or discreetly installed
  • Detection range
    - 3m left/right
    - 5m behind vehicle
  • 12 months warranty

*Not suitable for all vehicles, for instance they cannot be used on an a utes alloy tray as the metal disrupts the sensors

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